At Sherwood Companies, we believe in equipping our team with the latest technology so they can complete their work with greater efficiency and precision. With a current fleet of 46 GPS-enabled machines including Dozers, Motor Graders, Excavators, 3D Milling and Paving Sub-Grade Trimming, the ability to move dirt more efficiently and accurately is at the finger tips of our operators. Every GNSS machine display is loaded with 3D project surfaces and linework. With in-house 3D model production, design changes and updates are made seamlessly to avoid delay.
Measure Twice, Cut Once

The Sherwood Survey Group

The carpenter’s rule “Measure twice, cut once,” is an old adage that sums up the daily mission of the Sherwood Survey Group. We achieve accurate placement of all project features through detailed preparation and planning and careful action. Two survey managers and four survey crews use a variety of the best technological tools from companies like Trimble Technology Co. Inc. to accomplish these tasks every single day.
Increased efficiency and production

Our In-House Tools

With our in-house CAD and 3D modeling capabilities, we can respond to changes effectively and incorporate revisions seamlessly into field data and machine control models. Sherwood’s UAV (drone) and robotic scanner also allows us to collect extensive surface data so existing conditions are incorporated into our models. This gives us the ability to verify tie-ins and address design flaws before they occur. Consequently, delays are avoided and the owner receives the best product possible!

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Sherwood exceeded our expectations while performing work at our complex. During construction, their field representatives quickly recognized the need to modify the original design. Because of their in-house survey/design capabilities, they were able to immediately assess the situation, propose a revised surface model, and ultimately give us the project we envisioned."
NOKC Soccer Club Representative
"Sherwood’s GPS/Survey work has produced some incredible results. Their ability to collect existing roadway data and model new profiles and alignments has really impacted how projects can be completed. Their work on the Inner Dispersal Loop in downtown Tulsa is a great example of what can be achieved using technology, knowledge and experience to construct an outstanding project for the owner and the public."
Professional Engineer at Freese & Nichols