Our Top Priority

Safety is Our #1 Value

At Sherwood Companies, we believe that it isn’t enough for safety to be a “priority.” It is a way of life. Our #1 core value is safety, and we prove that with every task, process and project we complete. Our team of construction professionals uses resources such as pre-project planning, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and near miss reporting to continually monitor our job site safety practices. All team members are given “stop work authority” to protect one another from an unsafe condition on the job site.

Our team takes advantage of continuous training opportunities to improve their knowledge and receives coaching from our safety team to help effectively apply safety resources in the field. We strive to have all supervisors trained at an OSHA 30-hour and provide regular opportunities for OSHA 10-hour, CPR, Smith Systems Driving and other critical safety training. Our award-winning workforce-driven safety culture enables us to serve private/industrial markets with excellence and meet our clients’ needs knowing that we can keep our team safe throughout the entire process.

We are proud to be a member of the following safety organizations:

“At Sherwood Companies, we are family owned and operated, and nothing is more important than keeping our family safe. Every member of the company has the authority and responsibility to speak up and take action to ensure that every employee goes home safe, every single day.”

David Sherwood

CEO Sherwood Companies

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